Saturday, September 18, 2010

What is Freedom Frenzy?

Congratulations. You've found the mother ship of freedom.

Freedom Frenzy is the "drink from the fire hydrant of freedom" radio talk show with hosts Jerry DeMarce and me, Jenny Hodges.

Talk is cheap, action is divine. With Freedom Frenzy, we've united both, working with activists across the country who are actually achieving the advance of freedom, liberty, and thus, justice. We bring all those golden nuggets to you, the listener, in the hope that you will be inspired to engage in the battle!

Jerry and I have been working together for awhile as political activists. We've run campaigns, we've assisted in drafting legislation, we've trained lots of Americans on self government and we research constantly. Fortunately, our listening audience is well informed and active which means our listeners have become an important part of our Freedom Frenzy family, informing, encouraging, and educating the populace to stand against the rising tide of Messianic Statism.

You may well wonder, what is Messianic Statism? Where are the government indoctrination programs? What's an evangellifish? What is the Liberty Lexicon? I would say,"Good questions!" The best way to find out is to start listening to our show. You can find us archived at and listen to us live over the internet Monday through Friday, 11-1pm central time. We welcome your input, questions, comments, criticisms and snide remarks. The snide remarks are my personal favorite, so feel free to send those my way. Call in: 1-800-313-9443. Pretty soon you'll wonder why Chad in Mississippi hasn't called in today, what Rodney in Illinois is working on these days, what John in Tennessee thinks about today's topic, what ever happened to Lark, and why John in Austin sounds so relaxed all the time. He claims he isn't smoking funny cigarettes. We believe you, John.

You can also drop us a line via the internet (that way Big Brother will get to read along, too) at: Make the subject line interesting and eye catching because we get a lot of email. They all get read, but sometimes it takes awhile.

Thanks for listening.

For the Frenzied Advance of Life and Liberty,


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  1. Sweet deal, i look forward to more input from you on this weblog.